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Scarlet Stiletto 2020 Shortlist

I read widely: genre fiction, bookclubby lit fiction, YA and middle-grade fiction. But crime is one of my genre fiction faves. Not thriller style crime. Not cute-as-pie cozy crime. I love quirky, murder-in-the-village type crime, and police procedurals, and forensic procedurals, where the characters are as important as the whodunnit being deconstructed.

Favourite author

s off the top of my head: Alan Bradley, Sulari Gentil, Robert Galbraith ...

I’d had a series idea for not-so-cozy crimes percolating for some time, so decided to plot out a few short stories/novellas to see if my idea had legs.

Story 1 I submitted to an American crime anthology call-out, and it was accepted and is being published October/November 2020.

Story 2 I submitted to the Thunderbolt Prize – and nothin' - or, as we call it in my writing group, The Rainbow Unicorn of Rejection.

Story 3 I submitted to the Scarlet Stiletto Competition run by Sisters in Crime. You can read more about this famous competition here

And kaboom! It's made the shortlist. The awards ceremony is usually a fab affair in Melbourne which, has been covidated into an online affair for 2020. Can't wait!

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