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The Garden Fork Murder - 2021.jpg

The Twelfth Cut is the annual anthology published by Clandestine Press which contains the award winning stories from each years Scarlet Stiletto Awards.

In 2020, my story, The Garden Fork Murder, won the Malice Domestic category, sponsored by none other than Kerry Greenwood, author of the Miss Phryne Fisher Mystery series. 

This anthology can be purchased from the Clandestine Press website for $5.

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The Murder in the Museum - 2021.jpg

Welcome to Cozy Villages of Death, an anthology published by Camden Park Press (in the U.S.), in which my very first Elsa Mayfield story, features as the opening story. (It is called The Meddlesome Matron in the anthology, but it's real name is The Murder in the Museum.)

This book is available on Amazon in ebook and print format

The Pig of Lead - 2021.jpg

The Pig of Lead is a short story (a half hour read) which is free to subscribers who are happy to go on my mailing list to be alerted to future releases. In this story, Elsa and Charlie are an established crime-sleuthing duo.

It is available via the link as an epub file (for reading on phone/tablet/computer) and as a mobi file (which can be read on a kindle).

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